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2012-01-24 A Hybrid Method for Distance Metric Learning Kao, Yi-hao; Van Roy, Benjamin; Rubin, Daniel; Xu, Jiajing; Faruque, Jessica; Napel, Sandy 1
2012-01-24 Directed Time Series Regression for Control Kao, Yi-hao; Van Roy, Benjamin 1
2010-01-11 Information Aggregation in Smooth Markets Iyer, Krishnamurthy; Johari, Ramesh; Moallemi, Ciamac C. 1
2009-01-26 Carbon Markets and Technological Innovation Weber, Thomas; Neuhoff, Karsten 3
2008-10-09 Option Contracting in the California Water Market Tomkins, Claire; Weber, Thomas 4
2008-09-18 Price Theory in Economics Weber, Thomas 1
2008-09-10 Monotone Approximation of Decision Problems Chehrazi, Naveed; Weber, Thomas 3
2008-09-01 Traffic Engineering vs. Content Distribution: A Game Theoretic Perspective DiPalantino, Dominic; Johari, Ramesh 2
2008-08-27 Designing Reputation Mechanisms for Efficient Trade Aperjis, Christina; Johari, Ramesh 1
2008-03-06 On the Equivalence of Hicksian Welfare Measures and the Normative Endowment Effect Weber, Thomas 5
2008-02-21 Two-Stage Myopic Dynamics in Network Formation Games Arcaute, Esteban; Johari, Ramesh; Mannor, Shie 3
2008-02-18 The Role of Prices in Peer-Assisted Content Distribution Aperjis, Christina; Freedman, Michael J.; Johari, Ramesh 2
2007-10-29 Simple Methods for Evaluating and Comparing Binary Experiments Weber, Thomas 3
2007-09-02 A Message-Passing Paradigm for Resource Allocation Moallemi, Ciamac; Van Roy, Benjamin 1
2007-09-02 Convergence of the Min-Sum Algorithm for Convex Optimization Moallemi, Ciamac; Van Roy, Benjamin 1
2007-07-26 Delayed Multiattribute Product Differentiation Weber, Thomas 1
2007-07-25 On the Equivalence of Hicksian Welfare Measures Weber, Thomas 1
2007-04-06 Efficiency of Scalar-Parameterized Mechanisms Johari, Ramesh; Tsitsiklis, John N. 1
2007-02-27 Network Formation: Bilateral Contracting and Myopic Dynamics Arcaute, Esteban; Dallal, Eric; Johari, Ramesh; Mannor, Shie 3
2007-02-04 Investment and Market Structure in Industries with Congestion Weintraub, Gabriel Y.; Johari, Ramesh; Van Roy, Benjamin 1
2006-12-17 Additive Envelopes of Continuous Functions Strulovici, Bruno; Weber, Thomas 3
2006-12-14 Generalized Monotonicity Analysis Strulovici, Bruno; Weber, Thomas 3
2006-11-23 Dynamic Pricing with a Prior on Market Response Farias, Vivek; Van Roy, Benjamin 1
2006-11-08 Piecewise Polynomial Replication Strategies and Moment Matrices in Convex Optimization based Option Primbs, James 1
2006-07-26 Partially Optimal Routing Acemoglu, Daron; Johari, Ramesh; Ozdaglar, Asuman 1
2006-07-24 A Peer-to-Peer System as an Exchange Economy Aperjis, Christina; Johari, Ramesh 1
2006-06-29 Monotone Comparative Statics: A Geometric Approach Strulovici, Bruno; Weber, Thomas 2
2006-06-26 Efficient Contract Design in Multi-Principal Multi-Agent Supply Chains Weber, Thomas; Xiong, Hongxia 1
2006-06-09 AdWords Allocation Problem with Unreliable Estimates Mahdian, Mohammad; Nazerzadeh, Hamid; Saberi, Amin 2
2006-06-04 A Convex Parimutuel Formulation for Contingent Claim Markets Peters, Mark; Man-Cho So, Anthony; Ye, Yinyu 1
2006-06-04 Fast Generation of Random Graphs via Sequential Importance Sampling Bayati, Mohsen; Saberi, Amin 1
2006-06-04 A Path to the Arrow-Debreu Competitive Market Equilibrium Ye, Yinyu 1
2006-06-04 Semidefinite Programming Approaches for Sensor Network Localization with Noisy Distance Measurements Biswas, Pratik; Liang, Tzu-Chen; Toh, Kim-Chuan; Ye, Yinyu 1
2006-06-04 Dynamic Order Promising: Real-time ATP Robinson, Anne G.; Carlson, Robert C. 1
2006-06-02 Pricing for fairness: distributed resource allocation for multiple objectives Cho, Sung-Woo; Goel, Ashish 1
2006-06-02 Truthful Auctions for Pricing Search Keywords Aggarwal, Gagan; Goel, Ashish; Motwani, Rajeev 1
2006-05-01 Bayesian Incentive Compatible Parametrization of Mechanisms Weber, Thomas; Bapna, Abhishek 2
2006-04-28 A Model of Search Intermediaries and Paid Referrals Weber, Thomas; Zheng, Zhiqiang (Eric) 2
2006-04-20 A Short Proof of Optimality for the MIN Cache Replacement Algorithm Van Roy, Benjamin 2
2006-04-20 Convergence of the Min-Sum Message Passing Algorithm for Quadratic Optimization Moallemi, Ciamac; Van Roy, Benjamin 1
2006-03-31 Efficient Dynamic Allocation with Uncertain Valuations Bapna, Abhishek; Weber, Thomas 1
2005-11-09 Markov Perfect Industry Dynamics with Many Firms Weintraub, Gabriel Y.; Benkard, C. Lanier; Van Roy, Benjamin 2
2005-10-25 Pricing a new asset in a Hierarchical Segmented Market Li, Qi; Primbs, James 1
2005-10-25 Asset Pricing, Portfolio Selection, and Welfare Analysis in Hierarchical Segmented Markets Li, Qi; Primbs, James 1
2005-10-25 Asset Pricing in Hierarchical Segmented Markets Li, Qi; Primbs, James 1
2005-09-14 Leontief Economies Encode Nonzero Sum Two-Player Games Codenotti, Bruno; Varadarajan, Kasturi; Saberi, Amin 1
2005-09-14 Adwords and Generalizad Online Matching Mehta, Aranyak; Saberi, Amin; Vazirani, Umesh 1
2005-06-24 A Generalized Kalman Filter for Fixed Point Approximation and Efficient Temporal?Difference Learning Choi, David; Van Roy, Benjamin 1
2005-06-24 Approximation Algorithms for Dynamic Resource Allocation Farias, Vivek; Van Roy, Benjamin 1
2005-06-24 A Non-Parametric Approach to Multi-Product Pricing Rusmevichientong, Paat; Van Roy, Benjamin; Glynn, Peter 1
2005-06-24 Opportunities and Challenges in Using Online Preference Data For Vehicle Pricing: A Case Study Rusmevichientong, Paat; Salisbury, Joyce; Truss, Lynn; Glynn, Peter 1
2005-06-24 Tetris: A Study of Randomized Constraint Sampling Farias, Vivek; Van Roy, Benjamin 1
2005-06-24 Solitaire: Man Versus Machine Yan, Xiang; Diaconis, Persi; Rusmevichientong, Paat 1
2005-06-24 Performance Loss Bounds for Approximate Value Iteration with State Aggregation Van Roy, Benjamin 1
2005-06-24 A Linear Program for Bellman Error Minimization with Performance Guarantees de Farias, Daniela; Van Roy, Benjamin 1
2005-06-24 Consensus Propagation Moallemi, Ciamac; Van Roy, Benjamin 2
2005-05-17 Screening with Externalities Weber, Thomas 4

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