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ecclesia , -ae (noun)


Ockham on Franciscan Poverty


effectus , -us (noun)


Albertus Magnus on Alchemy


efficacia , -ae (noun)

power, efficacy

Bartholomew on Sulfur


efficaciter (adv.)


Bacon on the Scholar


efficax , is (adj.)

effective, powerful

Bart on Pepper


effundo 3 (verb)

to pour forth, pour out

Bart on the Pelican


egredior 3 i-stem (verb)

to go out, come out

Bartholemew on Lightning


elementum , -i (noun)

element, beginning

Avicenna on the Dator Formarum


elicio 3 i-stem (verb)

to elicit, draw out

Ockham on Sin and Virtue


emitto 3 (verb)

to emit, send out

Hildegard on the Firmament


enervo 1 (verb)

to take out the nerves, weaken

Bart on the Asp


epistola , -ae (noun)


Heloise on Romantic Love


equus , -i (noun)


Bacon on Estimation


erro 1 (verb)

to make a mistake, err

Ockham on Quantity


essentia , -ae (noun)


Bart on Trinity


evoco 1 (verb)

to summon, call out

Bart on the Asp


excello 3 (verb)

to excel, be eminent

Thomas Aquinas on the Ranks of Angels


exemplum , -i (noun)

example, sample

William of Auvergne on the Sting Ray


exeo irregular (verb)

to go out or away, escape

Bart on the Asp


exiguus , -a, -um (adj.)

small, scanty

Bartholemew on the Spider


existo 3 (verb)

to be, exist

Albertus Magnus on the Ostrich


experientia , -ae (noun)


Ockham on Quantity


expono 3 (verb)

to set out; to explain

Ockham on Sin and Virtue


expulsio , -is (noun)


Brigid on the Horse


exsistentia , -ae (noun)


Scotus on the Beatific Vision


extendo 3 (verb)

to span, extend

Bartholomew on the Dead Sea


extinguo 3 (verb)

to quench, extinguish

Bart on Quicksilver


extremum , -i (noun)

end, limit, outside

Bart on the Chameleon