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fabrico 1 (verb)

to make, construct

William of Auvergne on the Music of the


facies , -ei (noun)

face, appearance, form

Brigid on the Bishop


facilis , -e (adj.)


Algazel on Prophecy


facio 3 i-stem (verb)

to do, make

Bart on Perverse Angels


facultas , -is (noun)

means, faculty, ability

Abelard on Parents and Their Children


fama , -ae (noun)

fame, reputation

Bede on the Scholar


familia , -ae (noun)


Abelard on Romantic Love


fastidium , -i (noun)

aversion, distaste

Hildegard on Pepper and Cumin


fatigo 1 (verb)

to tire, exhaust, fatigue

Hildegard on Water


fecundo 1 (verb)

to fertilize, make flourish

Hildegard on the Humors


felix , is (adj.)

lucky, fortunate

Brigid on the Bishop


ferus , -i (noun)


Bartholomew on Snow


fervor , -is (noun)


Bartholomew on the Dragon


fides , -ei (noun)

trust, loyalty

Bart on Dreams


finalis , -e (adj.)


Rufus on the Agent Intellect


finis , -is (noun)

boundary, end, limit

Bede on the Scholar


fio irregular (verb)

to become, happen, be made


fissura , -ae (noun)

fissure, crevice

Constantinus Africanus on Leprosy


fluctus , -us (noun)

wave, flood

Bartholomew on Mountains


fluidus , -a, -um (adj.)

fluid, flowing

R. Grosseteste on the Elements


fluo 3 (verb)

to flow

William of Auvergne on Spiders


fluxibilitas , -is (noun)


R. Grosseteste on the Elements


fons , -is (noun)


Bartholomew on Sulfur


forma , -ae (noun)

form, shape

Averroes on Unity of Intellect


fortis , -e (adj.)

strong, sturdy

Bartholomew on Snow


fortitudo , -is (noun)


Bartholomew on the Bellybutton


fragilis , -e (adj.)

fragile, easily broken

Bacon on the Scholar


frango 3 (verb)

to break

Bartholomew on the Dragon


fraus , -is (noun)

deceit, fraud

Bart on Pepper


frigiditas , -is (noun)

the cold

R. Grosseteste on the Elements


frigidus , -a, -um (adj.)


Rufus on Quicksilver, Sulphur, and the E


fructuositas , -is (noun)


Eckhart on Grace


fuga , -ae (noun)

flight, fleeing

Bonaventure on the Necessity of Being


fugio 3 i-stem (verb)

to flee

Bartholomew on Bats


fulgeo 2 (verb)

to shine, glow

Hildegard on the Firmament