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igneitas , -is (noun)


Bartholomew on Sulfur


ignis , -is, -ium (noun)

fire, glow of passion

Bart on the Chameleon


imaginativus , -a, -um (adj.)


Algazel on the Interior Senses


imbuo 3 (verb)

to wet, moisten

Bartholomew on Snow


immensus , -a, -um (adj.)

endless, vast

Bart on Trinity


immoderatus , -a, -um (adj.)

immoderate, boundless

Rufus on Eve


impeto 3 (verb)

to rush for, aim for

Bartholomew on the Dragon


impetuose (adv.)

impetuously, violently

Bartholemew on Lightning


impetus , -us (noun)

impulse, rush, force

Hildegard on Rivers


impono 3 (verb)

to place, impose, assign

William of Auvergne on the Sting Ray


improvisus , -a, -um (adj.)


William of Auvergne on Providence


in (preposition)

in, into, on

Avicenna on the Elements


inanimatus , -a, -um (adj.)

Unmoving, inanimate

Avicenna on Alchemy


incantator , -is (noun)

enchanter, wizard

Bart on the Asp


incendium , -i (noun)


Bartholomew on Mountains


incendo 3 (verb)

to burn

Hildegard on the Humors


incipio 3 i-stem (verb)

to begin

Averroes on the Soul


inclino 1 (verb)

to lean to, bend towards

Brigid on the Bishop


includo 3 (verb)

to enclose, confine

Bartholomew on the Eyes


incongruus , -a, -um (adj.)


Abelard on the Elements


incredulitas , -is (noun)


Rufus on Sin


indiscretus , -a, -um (adj.)


Brigid on the Bishop


indissolubilis , -e (adj.)


Hildegard on the Humors


individuus , -a, -um (adj.)

indivisible; individual

Rufus on the Agent Intellect


induco 3 (verb)

to lead in, bring in

Brigid on the Bishop


ineffabilis , -e (adj.)

unutterable, unpronouncable

Bart on Trinity


infero irregular (verb)

to carry in; to infer

Ockham on Heresy


inferus , -a, -um (adj.)

below, lower

Bart on the Chameleon


inficio 3 (verb)

to taint, infect

Bartholomew on Leprosy


infinitus , -a, -um (adj.)

unlimited, endless, infinite

Bacon on the Scholar


infirmitas , -is (noun)

weakness, sickness

Bart on the Chameleon


infra (preposition)

underneath, below

Albertus Magnus on the Flu


ingratus , -a, -um (adj.)

unthankful, unpleasant

Bart on the Pelican


inimicitia , -ae (noun)

enmity, hostility, danger

Algazel on the Interior Senses


inimicus , -a, -um (adj.)

enemy, hostile

Bartholomew on the Eagle


injustus , -a, -um (adj.)

unjust, wrong

Hildegard on Water


innocens , is (adj.)


Bartholomew on the Eagle


innocentia , -ae (noun)


Ockham on God


inordinatus , -a, -um (adj.)


Thomas Aquinas on the Ranks of Angels


insidia , -ae (noun)

plot, trap, treachery

Bacon on Estimation


inspicio 3 i-stem (verb)

to look into, inspect

Avicenna on the Interior Senses


inspiro 1 (verb)

to breathe in, inspire

Ockham on Heresy


insula , -ae (noun)


Bartholomew on Mountains


intellectus 4 (verb)

intellect, understanding

Averroes on Unity of Intellect


intellego 3 (verb)

to understand, come to know

Eckhart on the Trinity


intendo 3 (verb)

to aim, strive for, intend

Bacon on Estimation


intentio , -is (noun)

thought, purpose

Averroes on the Soul


intercipio 3 (verb)

to intercept

R. Grosseteste on Angels


interim (adv.)


Gertrude on Grace


interior , is (adj.)


Albertus Magnus on Alchemy


intuitivus , -a, -um (adj.)


Ockham on God


invenio 4 (verb)

to find

Ockham on Heresy


invidus , -a, -um (adj.)


Bartholemew on the Maid


invoco 1 (verb)

to call upon, invoke

Abelard on the Elements


ira , -ae (noun)


R. Grosseteste on Fire


iracundia , -ae (noun)

irascibility, cantankerousness

Bartholemew on the Maid


item (adv.)

likewise, also

Scotus on the Elements


iter , -is (noun)

road, way

Hildegard on the Humors


iucundus , -a, -um (adj.)

cheerful, lighthearted

Bartholemew on the Maid


iudico 1 (verb)

to judge, decide

Bart on Dreams


iungo 3 (verb)

to join, connect, unite

Bartholomew on the Bellybutton


iustitia , -ae (noun)


R. Grosseteste on Fire


iuvenis , -e (adj.)


Albertus Magnus on the Unicorn