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macrocosmus , -i (noun)


Bonaventure on Sensation and Microcosm


magnus , -a, -um (adj.)

great, big

Maimonides on Leprosy


malitia , -ae (noun)

malice, ill-will

Thomas Aquinas on the Wickedness of Demo


malus , -a, -um (adj.)

bad, evil, wicked

Bart on Perverse Angels


mania , -ae (noun)

madness, mania

Bart on Dreams


manifesto 1 (verb)

to show, disclose

Bartholomew on Snow


manifestus , -a, -um (adj.)

clear, evident, obvious

William of Auvergne on Providence


mansuesco 3 (verb)

to tame; to grow tame

Albertus Magnus on the Unicorn


manus , -us (noun)


Constantinus Africanus on Leprosy


mare , -is (noun)


Hildegard on Rivers


mastico 1 (verb)

to chew

Bart on Pepper


materialis , -e (adj.)


Averroes on Unity of Intellect


maternus , -a, -um (adj.)

motherly, maternal

Bartholemew on Infancy


mediocris , -e (adj.)


Bartholemew on Madness


medius , -a, -um (adj.)


Bartholomew on the Bellybutton


melancholia , -ae (noun)

sadness; lit. black bile

Bartholomew on Leprosy


membrum , -i (noun)

limb, member

Albertus Magnus on Veins and Arteries


mendax , is (adj.)


Bartholomew on the Maid


meridianus , -a, -um (adj.)

of noon

Bartholomew on the Rainbow


ministro 1 (verb)

to attend to, manage

Hildegard on the Firmament


minor , -e (adj.)

smaller, lesser

Ockham on God


miseresco 2 (verb)

to feel pity, have compassion

Bart on the Chameleon


mitto 3 (verb)

to send

Hildegard on Plants


mobilis , -e (adj.)


Maimonides on the Existence of God


modicus , -a, -um (adj.)

moderate, small

William of Auvergne on Spiders


modulatus , -a, -um (adj.)

musical, played, measured

Algazel on Prophecy


mollificibilia , -ae (noun)


Rufus on Quicksilver, Sulphur, and the E


mons , -is (noun)


Bartholomew on Mountains


monstro 1 (verb)

to point out, show

Ockham on Franciscan Poverty


morior 3 i-stem (verb)

to die

Bartholomew on the Dragon


morsus , -us (noun)

a bite

Bartholomew on Leprosy


mortiferus , -a, -um (adj.)


Bart on the Asp


mos , -is (noun)

custom, habit

Bartholemew on the Maid


motus , -us (noun)


Albertus Magnus on the Flu


mulier , -is (noun)


Abelard on Man and Wife


multus , -a, -um (adj.)

much, many

Avicenna on Prophetic Dreams


mundanus , -a, -um (adj.)

of or belogning to the world, mundane

Bart on Trinity


mundus , -i (noun)

world, universe

Bonaventure on Sensation and Microcosm


mutabilis , -e (adj.)

mutable, changeable

R. Grosseteste on Angels


muto 1 (verb)

to change

Bacon on Astronomy