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oboedio 4 (verb)

to listen to, to yield, to serve

Bart on the Asp


obscuratio , -is (noun)


R. Grosseteste on Fire


obstaculum , -i (noun)


Bartholomew on the Eyes


occidentalis , -e (adj.)

of the west, western

Hildegard on the Winds


occultus , -a, -um (adj.)

hidden, secret

William of Auvergne on Spiders


occurro 3 (verb)

to occur

Bonaventure on the Necessity of Being


oculus , -i (noun)


Bacon on the Eye


odium , -i (noun)


Bartholemew on the Maid


odor , -is (noun)

smell, scent

Bart on Pepper


offendo 3 (verb)

to hit; to offend

Bacon on Estimation


offensa , -ae (noun)

offence, injury

Ockham on God


offero irregular (verb)

to present, bring forward, offer

Bede on the Scholar


olfactus , -us (noun)

sense of smell

William of Auvergne on Spiders


omnis , -e (adj.)

all, every

Bonaventure on Sensation and Microcosm


opinor 1 (verb)

to think, believe, suppose

William of Auvergne on the Sting Ray


oppono 3 (verb)

to set against, oppose

Avicenna on the Elements


opus , -is (noun)


Avicenna on the Interior Senses


ordino 1 (verb)

to arrange, order

Bacon on Estimation


ordo , -is (noun)

order, rank

Thomas Aquinas on the Ranks of Angels


orientalis , -e (adj.)

of the east, eastern

Hildegard on the Winds


origo , -is (noun)

source, origin; ancestry

Abelard on Parents and Their Children


os , -is (noun)


Rufus on Quicksilver, Sulphur, and the E


ostendo 3 (verb)

to show, reveal

Hildegard on the Firmament


ovis , -is (noun)


Algazel on the Interior Senses