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radius , -i (noun)

beam, ray (of light)

Al-Farabi on the Intellect


radix , -is (noun)

root, basis

Bartholomew on the Bellybutton


rapio 3 i-stem (verb)

to steal

Bartholemew on the Gryphon


rarus , -a, -um (adj.)

rare, uncommon

Bartholomew on the Rainbow


ratio , -is (noun)


Bartholemew on Madness


receptaculum , -i (noun)


William of Auvergne on Spiders


rectus , -a, -um (adj.)

straight, upright; right

Abelard on Sin


recupero 1 (verb)

to recover

Bartholomew on Sulfur


reluceo 2 (verb)

to shine back, shine out

Bartholomew on the Rainbow


remaneo 2 (verb)

to stay behind, remain

Bacon on the Scholar


remotus , -a, -um (adj.)


Bartholemew on the Spider


reprehendo 3 (verb)

to blame, reprehend

Abelard on Sin


repugno 1 (verb)

to resist, fight back

Bartholomew on Leprosy


requiro 3 (verb)

to look for; to need

Albertus Magnus on Veins and Arteries


res , -ei (noun)

Thing, matter, affair

Averroes on the Soul


resono 1 (verb)

to resound

William of Auvergne on the Music of the


resplendeo 2 (verb)

to shine

Bartholomew on the Rainbow


respondeo 2 (verb)

to respond

Albertus Magnus on Alchemy


reticulum , -i (noun)

small net

William of Auvergne on Providence


retineo 2 (verb)

to hold back, restrain

Hildegard on the Planets and the Firmame


rex , -is (noun)


Ockham on Franciscan Poverty


roboro 1 (verb)

to strengthen

Bartholomew on the Eagle


rotunditas , -is (noun)


Bartholomew on the Bellybutton


rumpo 3 (verb)

to break, destroy

Bartholemew on the Spider