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sagax , is (adj.)

keen, shrewd

Albertus Magnus on the Flu


sal , -is (noun)

salt, sea

Avicenna on Alchemy


saliva , -ae (noun)

spittle, saliva

Bart on Quicksilver


sanctus , -a, -um (adj.)


Bart on Trinity


sanguis , -is (noun)

blood, race, family

Bart on the Pelican


sapientia , -ae (noun)


William of Auvergne on Spiders


scientia , -ae (noun)


Algazel on Prophecy


scilicet (adv.)

namely, evidently

Algazel on the Interior Senses


scio 4 (verb)

to know

Bart on Perverse Angels


seculum , -i (noun)

the world; age, century

Hildegard on the Winds


secundo (adv.)


Eckhart on the Trinity


secundus , -a, -um (adj.)

second, following

Brigid on the Horse


seduco 3 (verb)

to lead aside

Bart on Dreams


sensibilis , -e (adj.)

sensible, perceptible

Averroes on Unity of Intellect


sentio 4 (verb)

to sense, feel

Bart on the Phoenix


sequor 3 (verb)

to follow

Bartholomew on the Eyes


sermo , -is (noun)

conversation, talk, discussion

Bartholemew on Lightning


serpens , -is (noun)

snake, serpent

Bart on Perverse Angels


sexto (adv.)


Eckhart on the Trinity


sextus , -a, -um (adj.)


Eckhart on the Trinity


siccitas , -is (noun)


Avicenna on Alchemy


siccus , -a, -um (adj.)


Bartholomew on Leprosy


sillogismus , -i (noun)


Averroes on the Soul


simia , -ae (noun)

monkey, ape

Bart on the Chameleon


simplex , is (adj.)


Eckhart on the Trinity


simpliciter (adv.)


Albertus Magnus on Alchemy


simul (adv.)

at the same time

Maimonides on Did the world have a begin


sinister , -a, -um (adj.)

left, unlucky

Barthlemew on Infancy


sol , -is (noun)


Al-Farabi on the Intellect


solus , -a, -um (adj.)

alone, only

Bede on the Scholar


somnium , -i (noun)

dream, fantasy

Bart on Dreams


somnus , -i (noun)


Avicenna on Prophetic Dreams


sonus , -i (noun)


Bartholomew on Snow


sophistico 1 (verb)

to adulterate

Bart on Pepper


soporo 1 (verb)

to fall asleep

Albertus Magnus on the Unicorn


sordes , -is (noun)

dirt, filth, uncleanliness

Hildegard on Water


spargo 3 (verb)

to scatter, sprinkle

Bart on Perverse Angels


spasmus , -i (noun)


Constantinus Africanus on Leprosy


species , -ei (noun)

appearance, sight, view

Brigid on the Bishop


sphaera , -ae (noun)


William of Auvergne on the Music of the


spiro 1 (verb)

to blow, breathe

Bartholomew on the Dead Sea


sponte (adv.)

Of one's own free will

Bart on the Phoenix


stella , -ae (noun)


Hildegard on the Planets and the Firmame


suavitas , -is (noun)


William of Auvergne on the Music of the


sublimo 1 (verb)

to sublimate

Avicenna on Alchemy


subsisto 3 (verb)

to stand still, stop

Hildegard on the Humors


substantia , -ae (noun)

material, substance

Bart on Trinity


subtilis , -e (adj.)

fine, delicate

Avicenna on Alchemy


sugo 3 (verb)

to suck

Bartholomew on the Dragon


sumo 3 (verb)

to take, take up, assume

Hildegard on Rivers


super (preposition)

over, above

Ockham on Sin and Virtue


superbia , -ae (noun)

pride, haughtiness

Rufus on Sin


supereminenter (adv.)

above all

Thomas Aquinas on the Ranks of Angels


superficies , -ei (noun)


Bartholomew on Snow


superior , -e (adj.)

superior, higher, greater

Rufus on the Agent Intellect


supra (preposition)

Above, on top

Albertus Magnus on the Flu


susceptio , -is (noun)

arrangement; undertaking

Bartholemew on Infancy