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The Acropolis

Provenance: Athens, Greece
Dates from:

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Aesica Brooch

A Celtic artifact from Roman Britain. It is made of gilded bronze and was cast in two separate pieces which slot together. The design is a low relief in a swirling curvilinear pattern typical of Celtic art.

Provenance: Aesica, England
Dates from: V

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Alfred Jewel

An Anglo-Saxon artifact of King Alfred of England, made from filigreed gold and cloissone enamel, covered with transparent pieces of rock crystal. The image in the oval center of the artifact is of the five senses. It bears an inscription saying "Alfred ordered me to be made." It may have been used as a page marker or for use in reading manuscripts to keep place on the page.

Provenance: Somerset, England
Dates from: IX

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Anastasius Dish from Sutton Hoo

Silver Anastasius dish from the Sutton Hoo ship burial site. It is a flat dish with an engraved design of concentric rings with a pattern typically Byzantine. The engravings contain the images of both animals and humans. Two stamps on the underside of the foot ring indicate that the dish was made during the reign of Emperor Anastasius, after whom the dish is given its modern name.

Provenance: Sutton Hoo, England
Dates from: VIIin