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hanging bowl escutcheon detail

Hanging bowl escutcheon detail from Sutton Hoo

Provenance: , England
Dates from: VIIin

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Helmet from Sutton Hoo

Helmet from Sutton Hoo, discovered in the burial chamber of the ship. Its placement in the burial chamber near the head of its owner was a gesture of respect, signifying that its owner had been a fierce warrior. When it was found, it had been broken into over 500 pieces, taking conservators almost a year to piece back together. The helmet has many images, though difficult to discern clearly, including fighting men, boars' heads on the eyebrows, a dragon head above the nose, and a large bird. The face mask has been crafted with detail, with a mustache over the mouth and holes under the nose for the wearer to breathe.

Provenance: Sutton Hoo, England
Dates from: VIIin

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