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Calligraphic script

a script in which the individual graphs are carefully constructed, often with a complicated ductus employing many lines with the pen


the opening words of the following quire, written on the last verso


"with a tail" - a stroke indicating missing letters, usually dipthongs


book (as opposed to a scroll or roll)


the study of manuscripts as physical objects - how the paper or parchment is prepared, how it is ruled, how it is folded, how it is bound, etc.


information about the author, title, scribe, date, etc., which appears after the text

Composite codex

a codex (or manuscript) in which two or more manuscripts from different origins have been bound together


an abbreviation which omits the middle letters of a word


a center stroke -- e.g., the center stroke of E

Cursive script

quickly written, with the pen seldom lifted from the page; also used to describe a low-grade book script

synonym(s): Currens