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a short line stemming from, and at an angle to, the top or bottom of a stroke


a formal ductus, in which the pen is often lifted


how thick or thin the strokes are in a script


section of book obtained by folding a single sheet of parchment or paper into 4, 8, 12, 16 or 32 pages.

synonym(s): Gatherings, Quire

Signature numeration

numbers on the recto (front) sides of the first half of a quire


literally a 'sign of return', a signe-de-renvoi is a graphic symbol marking a place where a correction or insertion is to be made. A corresponding symbol, usually written in the margin, introduces the corrected text or insertion. A signe-de-renvoi may also mark a cross-reference.

Skeletal forms

initials decorated with superfluous lines, often doubling strokes


a pointy stroke projecting from an ascender to the left, near the headline; often seen in tall s

Square capitals

an angular majuscule script suitable for chiseling


an abbreviation which omits the end of a word