About Us

The Group

The group was founded in late 2000 by Stanford undergraduate students. We now have over 110 people on our mailing list and 10 active officers.

Officer Meeting

What We're All About

Technology Assist by Students (TABS) aims to connect Bay Area non-profit organizations and schools in need of technological assistance with the immense skill base of the Stanford community. We recognize the need many local organizations have for technological help as well as the ability of Stanford students to fill this need.

TABS allows students to use what they've learned either in school or on their own outside the arena of problem sets, programs, and labs. By forming this group, we hope to bring students who share this interest in volunteering together, building a sense of community in an area not often explored by many in the technical fields. Although we are focused on technology, students majoring in non-technical fields bring a different set of skills to the group, such as graphic design or writing.