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Tomorrow's Academy

1316Management Style and Customer Service
1312 Faculty Bark; The Provost Bites
1310The Entrepreneurial Role of the Department Chair
1309Active Learning - You Got Questions, We Got Answers
1304Myths About Leadership
1302Behind the Academic Curtain: How to Find Success and Happiness With a Ph.D.
1300A Few of My Favorite Things (from past postings)
1295Responses to TP eNewsletter Survey
1294Focus on the Big Picture in Civic Work – But Don’t Forget the Details
1291A Look into the Near Future (of the Virtual Classroom)

Tomorrow's Graduate Students and Postdocs

1296Selecting a (Dissertation) Chair and Committee
1250Let's Make a Deal-Six Myths About Job and Salary Negotiations
1135Learning to Study in the UK
1101It Can be Done - Getting a Tenure-Track Job as an ABD in the Humanities
1085The Academic Job Talk
1072Doctoral Student Socialization for Teaching Roles
1055Preparing Professors to Teach
1004The Doctoral Dilemma for a Campus Graduate Student
998Writing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy for the Academic Job Search
986Demystifying Dissertation Writing

Tomorrow's Academic Careers

1318Align Projects with Priorities
1313The Case for Academics as Public Intellectuals
1303A Roadmap to Engaging Part-Time Faculty in High-Impact Practices
1259Motherhood: How Faculty Manage Work and Family
1257Service vs. Serve-Us: What Will Your Legacy Be?
1251Work and Family Integration for Faculty: Recommendations for Chairs
1248Answers to Common Questions about the Academic Portfolio
1240Dual Faculty Careers
1214Chair's Duties Owed to Brand-New Faculty Hires: A Checklist
1212Just-In-Time vs. Just-In-Case: Effective Orientation for New Faculty Members

Tomorrow's Teaching and Learning

1324Mindsets Toward Learning
1322Concerns and Opportunities for Online Student Retention
1321Can Online Teaching Improve Face to Face Instruction?
1320Step Online in Style: Techniques for Mastering MOOCs – from 'Lecturelets' to Stage Presence
1315Forming "Teams" or "Discussion Groups" to Facilitate Learning
1311Fear and Trembling in the Face of Creativity
1308A Plea for "Close Learning"
1307Confirming the MOOC Myth
1305Education Superpowers: How Finland, South Korea, and Poland Produce High Achievers.
1299Flipped Classrooms— Old or New?

Tomorrow's Research

1323Get to Know Your Publication Embargoes
1319A Call to Embrace Silos
1317Writers Groups: Composing a Balanced Faculty
1314Weathering the Storm - How to Prepare Your Lab for Natural Disasters and Cope with Unavoidable Consequences
1306What’s All This About Philosophy?
1301Characteristics of a Good Thesis
1298Balancing Publishing and Mentorship
1284Bonding in the Lab: How to Make Your Lab Less Like a Factory and More Like a Family
1282Focusing Your Research at a Cocktail Party
1276Making Your Research Paper Discoverable: Title Plays the Winning Trick

See also Richard Reis' academic career column, Catalyst, appearing in The Chronicle of Higher Education on-line Career Network.