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Tomorrow's Academy

1369Conference of the Future of the Liberal Arts
1359Cross-Cultural Mentoring: A Pathway to Making Excellence Inclusive
1352The Chair of 2014: Faculty, Administrator, and Academic Leader
1344Lingua Franca
1335Classroom Implications of Mindfulness
1331Finding Happiness as Chair: What the Buddha Said
1328ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) in the Classroom
1316Management Style and Customer Service
1312 Faculty Bark; The Provost Bites
1310The Entrepreneurial Role of the Department Chair

Tomorrow's Graduate Students and Postdocs

1371Hiring from the Institution’s Point of View
1368Advice on Successfully Navigating the Current Academic Job Market
1296Selecting a (Dissertation) Chair and Committee
1250Let's Make a Deal-Six Myths About Job and Salary Negotiations
1135Learning to Study in the UK
1101It Can be Done - Getting a Tenure-Track Job as an ABD in the Humanities
1085The Academic Job Talk
1072Doctoral Student Socialization for Teaching Roles
1055Preparing Professors to Teach
1004The Doctoral Dilemma for a Campus Graduate Student

Tomorrow's Academic Careers

1372Mentoring the “Terminal Associate Professor”
1364The Art of Saying "No"
1337A Proactive Approach to High School STEM Education in Israel
1336Colleges Try New Approaches to Post-Tenure Review
1334Barriers to Faculty Diversity
1318Align Projects with Priorities
1313The Case for Academics as Public Intellectuals
1303A Roadmap to Engaging Part-Time Faculty in High-Impact Practices
1259Motherhood: How Faculty Manage Work and Family
1257Service vs. Serve-Us: What Will Your Legacy Be?

Tomorrow's Teaching and Learning

1367Reading Guides Rediscovered
1366The Nature of Self-Directed Learning
1365Making Lectures Unmissable!
1363Learning Fundamental Principles, Generalizations, or Theories
1362Learning Without Pressure: English Writing MOOCs for an International Audience
1361Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher - Book Review
1360Marking (Grading) Essays
1358Blended Learning as Transformational Institutional Learning (Part 2 of 2)
1357Blended Learning as Transformational Institutional Learning (Part 1 of 2)
1354Principles for Design of Powerful Learning Communities (LCs)

Tomorrow's Research

1370Tips for a Winning Research Proposal
1356Simultaneous Release (of manuscripts for publication)
1355AAUP statement on Intellectual Property
1349Making the Most of Small-Scale Research
1347Establishing a Research Agenda
1345Let's Get Ready for Summer Writing
1332The Working Vacation
1323Get to Know Your Publication Embargoes
1319A Call to Embrace Silos
1317Writers Groups: Composing a Balanced Faculty

See also Richard Reis' academic career column, Catalyst, appearing in The Chronicle of Higher Education on-line Career Network.