In addition to being a teaching and archival resource, this website aspires to be a forum for a community a scholars interested in issues pertaining to the representation of the human body in the early modern world, notably France.

As a subscribing visitor, you are invited to view a wealth of copyrighted images and contents otherwise hidden form the general public. We ask that you use this material with integrity and care, respecting intellectual property and copyrights. All material has been carefully labeled to identify sources and origins. We are indebted to the various libraries and web sources which gave us permission to use their treasures. By subscribing to this group, you accept to respect the copyright privileges of the material contained on this website.

That being said, there is a lot you can do on this site. If you are an instructor, we are welcoming propositions to host other courses on related issues. You can post comments on each image, participate in the online blog for scholars (in AGORA), post news or inquiries through that blog and browse dozens of pages.

We appreciate your suggestions, comments, wishes, thoughts, visions... This site is interactive and collaborative in essence: make yourself home.



Cécile Alduy

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