The human body has barely changed over the last five centuries. Yet our perception, understanding and imagination of it has been dramaticallyaltered by changing cultural, scientific and philosophical credos.

The notes in this file will help contextualize the belief systems andsymbolic values attached to the human body by providing snapshots ofkey concepts specific to the early modern period.



  • Microcosme et Macrocosme, Esthétique et Cosmologie: L' "homme de Vitruve"
  • "Qui voudra voir": l'intertexte pétrarquien du sonnet I des Amours de Ronsard.
  • Deborah Lesko Baker, « Louise Labé’s Conditional Imperatives : Subversion and Transcendence of the Petrarchan Tradition », Sixteenth Century Journal, XXI, 4, Winter 1990, p. 523-542.
  • Montaigne, Essais, II, 37
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