Stanford Robust Systems Group

The Stanford Robust Systems Group belongs to the Stanford Computer Systems Laboratory and focuses on three major research thrusts:

  • Efficient techniques to overcome scaled-CMOS reliability challenges
  • Effective validation of robust sytems
  • Robust design for emerging nanotechnologies such as carbon nanotubes

For a brief overview of robust system design challenges, please browse our research and course pages.


There are some open positions for RAs interested in research on robust system design. Students with background on architecture and VLSI design are encouraged to apply. Please contact by sending email to: Prof. Subhasish Mitra ( (Oct. 13, 2011)


Our work and students are highlighted throughout the media:

* "Mitra Honored Twice at DAC," Gigascale Systems Research Center (GSRC) * "Nanotubes Could Boost Semiconductor Production," San Francisco Chronicle * "Stanford Researchers Claim CNT Wafer-scale Advances ," EE Times * "Stanford engineers show nanotube circuits can be made en masse," Nanotechwire

We thank our collaborators and sponsors: DARPA, Bosch, Infineon, LSI, National, Renensas, Samsung, TSMC, Northrop Grumman, Cisco, CIS, DTRA, FRCP C2S2, FRCP GSRC, IBM, Intel, NEC, NSF, Robust Chip, Stanford School of Engineering, SRC, TI, and Toshiba

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