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To the knowing eye, Synergy contains some fascinating relics of its origin as an isolated manor-house. The most obvious of these is, of course, Phi Sig. That worthy house was originally just the carriage house for the Cookseys. They stabled horses there.

More observant eyes might note that the vast majority of Synergy's doubles are on the northwest side of the house (facing the parking lot), while the triples are on the other end of the house. This is because the doubles, which are smaller rooms, were originally the servants' quarters for the Cookseys, whilst the triples were for the family and their guests. Ample evidence of this exists. For instance, only triples have fireplaces, which are an amenity that would clearly be restricted to the owners of the house. Additionally, the house has two staircases. While the grand staircase ascends from what was once the front of the house (where the tools are now kept, which was once where carriages were parked) up towards the quad, the other set of cramped tiny stairs goes up from the kitchen.

The Cooksey's master bedroom was originally the quad and red velvet combined. Sometime during the 40s or 50s a wall was erected between them. The splinter cell adjacent to the quad, which some hardy people occasionally sleep in, was just a shoe closet. The first floor single was a coat-room.

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