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Music Server

Synergy's music server, tramigan, is the repository for music for the kitchen laptop (and anywhere else in the house - just connect to it using iTunes!)

It's easy to add music to the server - just follow these simple instructions:

The instructions are basically:

  1. Connect to tramigan (Mac users connect to smb://tramigan, and use any password)
  2. Select the syn-uploads share
  3. Make an Artist folder and an Album folder inside it.
    • e.g. Michael Jackson -> Thriller
  4. Put your (well-tagged) songs inside that folder.
    • make sure the mp3s you're adding have all the important information in iTunes (artist, track name, album, etc.)
  5. Wait a few minutes, open up iTunes, click on "tramigan" and enjoy!

Have fun, and may Synergy (and the music server) be full of music!!

(If for some reason you would like to read the older version of the instructions, along with other information about the server, they may still be found here.)

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Page last modified on November 28, 2007, at 06:27 PM