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Smoking Policy

No smoking cigarettes inside! Obv!

Respect the rights of non-smokers to live in a smoke-free environment. If someone complains of smoke somewhow entering personal space, figure out an alternative solution. Be respectful of non-smokers when smoking in outdoor public areas. Cigarette butts MUST be placed in a proper container. Cans that are to be recycled are a poor choice.

Non-smokers, please respect the rights of smokers to smoke. Also, please note that they are already aware that smoking is bad for them. Mmm, tasty smoke...

Smoking policy changes from year to year, based on the rules decided upon during consensus-based house rule decision time. In 2005-2006, smokers were allowed to burn in the following places: -The front porch -The back porch, provided nobody was sleeping -Anywhere on Synergy grounds where there was no risk of fire hazard, so long as butts were not discarded in our beautiful environment.

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Page last modified on November 28, 2007, at 06:48 PM