THE GOLDEN GATE BIOSPHERE is an important regional effort that helps coordinate and elevate the Bay Area's wealth of land management and stewardship networks, and the only one that connects them at a global scale. In 2017, we renewed our UNESCO Biosphere designation and added over 26,000 additional square miles of land and sea. We are now seeking opportunities to bring more agencies and organizations within these expanded boundaries into our partnership network.

We are strengthening relationships among our partner networks by finding new ways to support and elevate our collective research, management, and climate change resiliency efforts. We are working together to increase awareness of the region's cultural and ecological riches, and determining how we can help protect and care for them at a regional scale.


  • Encourage a broad array of research within the Golden Gate Biosphere

  • Model climate change adaptation and sustainable development both locally and globally

  • Raise awareness of our incredible biodiversity and its connection to the people who live here

  • Expand our partnership network and continue to meet changing management needs


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Situated in North-Central California, the Golden Gate Biosphere represents a highly diverse complex of terrestrial, coastal, and marine environments. The reserve is complimented by a rich cultural history with lands and waters in Sonoma, Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo Counties.

Designated in 1988 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB), the Golden Gate Biosphere encompasses urban, multi-use managed areas, and wildlands that include marine and aquatic ecosystems as well as terrestrial ecosystems ranging from evergreen forests (including the iconic and endemic Coast Redwood), oak woodlands, chaparral, coastal scrub and prairies, rare serpentine grasslands, as well as coastal and offshore islands.

Through a collaborative approach, the Golden Gate Biosphere protects the natural and cultural resources of the dynamic North-Central California coastal bioregion through conservation, education, research and monitoring, and sustainable development.

Partnerships between Golden Gate Biosphere managers and communities adjacent to and within the reserve greatly enhance the adaptive capacity of the ecological and cultural resources here. This alliance also provides a critical network for the coordination of regional and local stakeholder engagement, sustainable development for local economies, and environmental training for current and future leaders.

The 28,000 square-mile expanded Golden Gate Biosphere includes the 10 original formal partners listed at right, plus the opportunity for others managing and caring for open space, working lands, aquatic areas, and urban and rural communities to join us.

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